Twitter – What is the Big Deal?

Over the years there have been a lot of interesting and creative ideas on the internet. Some of them are instantly obvious that they are useful for everyone and others well, ramayansupply not so obvious.

The introduction of YouTube was an obvious one. I mean before YouTube one of the most popular shows on TV was America’s Funniest Home Videos. People loved to record themselves doing stupid things and then show them to others. And everyone else loved watching and laughing at those idiots who would film themselves doing stupid things. YouTube took this and made the audience grow from a 1 hour time slot to a 24/7 365 day continuous stream. Over time YouTube has become much more than useless videos of idiots doing stupid things. There are million dollar business on YouTube promoting their product/services. สล็อตpgเว็บตรง

Twitter is one of those creative ideas that I have to admit at first I didn’t see the value in right away. But I gave it a try and after a couple of days I saw the massive potential Twitter has to grow my business.

Twitter is one of those perfect K.I.S.S inventions – you know Keep It Simple Stupid so everyone can use it. At first glance Twitter only lets you share 140 characters that sum up your current situation like – “I’m hungry and craving a NY style Strawberry cheesecake.”  But when you look at Twitter a little closer there are so many powerful uses for it that everyone and anyone needs to use it. Here are a few reasons why: Webdesign Agentur

1 – Twitter gives a personal feeling back to the Internet. You see The Internet can be a cold and lonely place but by sharing your random skengenharia thoughts the people that follow you will get to know you. They will see you as a person and not just an avatar or picture. They will create a connection with you and if you have ever been in sales you know people buy from people they know.

2 – There is nothing stopping you from following anyone. Now this may seem a bit “stalkerish” but if you have a business you can easily follow ดูหนังออนไลน์ your competition and see what they are up to. Wouldn’t you love to know when your biggest competition is releasing a new product or has a product issue? Not only that but you can also form a bond on Twitter with your competition and potential strike up a partnership. Or how about following one of your mentors to see what they do so you can do the same.

3 – You can get close to your customers. As they follow you it is easier and easier to ask a question on Twitter like “what improvements should we make on product XYZ?” and you will get replies on Twitter in real time. Not to mention create the image that you care about what your customers think and want.

4 – Twitter applications like Twitterfeed make is so easy to promote your blog or news releases to your followers. This makes sure that your followers, mobile-casino-blog those that are interested in you or your business are kept up to date at all times. This again shows your followers that you care about them.


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