Clones Blow Away Seeds

Clones in hydroponics are better than seeds. You are much better off starting from a clone rather than a seed in hydroponics. There are a lot of reasons for this. When you start from a clone, you know the genetics of your plants. Meaning the clone came from a mother plant, and the reason it was taken from the mother plant is because the mother plant showed signs of fast growth and good crop development. So you know with 100 hundred percent absolute certainty that the clone taken from the mother plant will have those same genetics.

That’s because it is simply a copy of the mother plant. That’s what a clone is. A clone is cutting those taken from the mother plant which is now rooted and turned into an exact copy of the plant it was originally cut from. So clones are identical to the mothers in every way. And will display the exact same characteristics as the plant they were originally taken from. That’s the great thing about clothes. You know exactly what they are before they pop out of their seed. For more details please visit these sites:-

Seeds on the other hand are a crapshoot. You really never know what you can get out of the seeds. You can be male or they can be female. And he You can’t tell from looking at the seeds externally. Environmental conditions don’t really affect the sex of the seed either so you can’t tell. Some seeds are obviously dead some scenes that look like they may pop could in fact be dead. You never know until you put them into the water. Clones on the other hand are aging with roots in a healthy way. It takes some time to pop and to sprout and also trying to grow green leaves and small leaves. A seed will take much longer time to grow to maturity than a clone. Clones grow up faster because they have such a huge head start already on the seedling.

I would highly suggest starting from clones instead seeds whenever you can. Clones are a lot better than seeds because you know exactly the type of plant that you are going to get. Also you can take many cuttings from the mother so he can fill up a hydroponics grow box for instance with many of the exact same type of plant. Then all your plants will grow at right around the same pace and all the plants will bear about the same amount of fruit. You really have your bases covered this way. I would say start from seed the first time then start from clones every time after that. Clones really rock when you have them available you should keep them in good health. It will come in handy.



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