Massage for Animals

People love touch and animals love touch. Touch is healing. Massage can help an animal in pain or just pure comfort. It has been researched that premature babies or any baby for that matter, inpix grow at a faster rate with touch.

Animals have a need for touch. If their tummy is upset they will most likely roll over and expose their underside to you. They will soften under your hands and respond to the energy. Trust is developed through one’s touch.  bocoranadminriki

When you touch your animal, be present. Being mindful is key. Your intent in your touch is also very important.  Think and feel about the energy coming from your heart down your arms and into your hands. Project that energy out past your hands into their body and touching their heart. You will see the affects happening right under your touch. You can be still and light as a feather or apply a little more pressure. Watch the animal’s reaction to see what pressure of touch they respond to. Think about being a conduit for the energy and love passing from you to the animal. Take your time and connect. splitacdubai

Dogs, horses and cats love the area over their hearts massaged. They also love the area on top of their head between their ears rubbed in small circles. kjro Many times a dog will moan with pleasure. Cats may start to purr and get a pleasurable look in their eyes. They will receive your touch and let you connect with them in a deeper way. ofiz.lrb

Linda Tellington-Jones developed the Tellington Touch for animals. Most people in the animal community are familiar with her work. lytron Her grandfather taught her horse massage. The modality she teaches through Tellington-Touch has 20-plus hand positions combined with varying tempos, qau techniques and pressure. “T-touch is a language beyond words that deepens the appreciation and connection between humans and their animal friends”, says Linda Tellington-Jones. She also talks about awakening humans to the benefits of touch through their connection with the animal and how it can be a self-help technique to reduce their own anxiety, pain, stress and tensions. animeloved

Massaging your Pet or any animal is satisfying. One dog that benefits from massage and conscious touch are Dachshund. Think of their long spine and always having to look up to their owners. That can put a lot of pressure and wear on the discs. Often their owners mistakenly put collars on them instead of harnesses. A harness is much more gentle on these little dog’s spine.

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