The Maldives – The Islands, Their Culture and Their Climate

Most resorts in the Maldives occupy their own island and with such a vast selection you can find something to suit every taste, from lively party-going to secluded and serene. This means that before you go ahead and commit yourself to a holiday resort, bterapiaberles you should do your research carefully and consult the experts so that your holiday in paradise is exactly the holiday you are looking for. manguerose

As there is very little communication between each of the Maldivian islands, each resort is almost like a separate little community offering a limited range of activities for visitors. Diving and spas are the major draws of a large number of resorts but it is essential that you make sure that your resort has all your needs covered. Due to this, coloradowebimpressions multi-island holidays in the Maldives are extremely popular, especially amongst first-time visitors, and can be the best way to experience everything these unique islands have to offer. uniquenewsonline

The most popular time to visit the Maldives is between December and April but during these months, the locals say the seasons can be less well defined than at other times. This means that the Maldives is essentially a year-round destination and it may well pay off to visit between May and November when prices are significantly lower. Temperatures over the supposed off-season tend to remain consistently around 30 degrees Celsius and the majority of rain falls over April, June and September. repcohome

The majority of resorts in the Maldives tend to be very relaxed in atmosphere. Only some of the very top end resorts have dress codes in place for dinner service but most of the time bare feet are totally acceptable and even 7mgg encouraged! If you go to the country’s capital, Male, you should take care to respect the local Sunni Muslim modest dress, meaning women should cover their arms and legs. The import of alcohol is not allowed and any you’ve brought with you will be confiscated at the airport but you can drink freely at all resorts. optimalremodel

It’s not just multi-island holidays but also multi-centre holidays that are popular with tourists that visit the Maldives. Stopovers or split holidays between the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Dubai are common and can mean you get to experience a variety of cultures and natural landscapes. aslremodeling

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