You Clearly Love Your Pet When You Make a Lifetime Commitment

You clearly love your Pet when you move to an apartment or home that accepts pets. When people say, “I am moving and I can’t take my Pet. The landlord doesn’t accept Pets so I have to find a Home for my two 10-year old cats.” Whaaaaaaat? inpix

This is hard to understand. Pets are NOT disposable items. They are our family members. Do you have a Favorite pet or love a favorite animal?

Pets can be our BEST friends. Take the elderly, they love having a “lap” dog or cat. Did you know there has been formal research done that petting your animal can bring down your Blood pressure? Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients have fewer anxious outbursts if there is an animal in the home. Their caregivers also feel less burdened when there is a pet. The pet keeps them company and touch is good for the elderly…either ging or receiving. bocoranadminriki

They can even be date magnets…connecting you with others.

Animals love us unconditionally, they don’t judge us or talk back and are always happy to greet us. They don’t argue, they listen to us no matter what we say or how we feel. splitacdubai

Treat them with the love they deserve, give them a forever home. Feed them the right foods so they can live a long healthy life. This will also cut your vet costs. animeloved

Treat your beloved pet with the respect and gratitude they deserve. They can help you get out and go for a walk…or throw a ball, or meet people. They keep our hearts open and connected, our Pets help us stay sane. kjro

I have heard so many people say, “I like animals better than People”. Ever heard your self saying that? ofiz.lrb

Touching your pet, sitting with your pet, cuddling or playing with your pet can be very healing for you and your Pet. Pets are the best companions, they bring great joy to our lives. Please consider making the FOREVER commitment to your dog, cat, ferret, toad, snake, iguana, rat, lytron hamster, etc. They look forward to you coming home and spending time with them. They wait all day for you to come home from school or work. Be kind to them their whole life. Take the time to be patient with them as they grow older. They NEED you. You have friends and others but your pet depends on YOU! qau

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