Challenges and Solutions in Buying Used Medical Equipment and Devices

There are almost daily advances in health care, including new and improved medical equipment and devices. For hospitals, clinics and public and private medical, dental and veterinary practices, keeping up with the necessary technologies can become a daunting challenge.

Any medical professional can tell you that to tell you that new equipment can quickly drain the finances of any type of healthcare facility. Often, upgrading is essential, but one must be careful from whom they are purchasing the equipment, what shape it is in, which guarantees are still in place and which accessories and features are needed and will be used on a regular basis. Used Medical Equipment Health institutions are turning to the pre-owned medical equipment market in increasing numbers, with the current global economic recession forcing them to reduce their budgets. However, the need for quality medical equipment remains constant.

Hospitals can save large sums of money by buying and selling used medical and laboratory equipment over the internet. In this way, costs can effectively be kept under control. A very important benefit is that to the environment, as used items which are still in good condition can used for years to come. Healthcare carries a lot of potential waste; a fact medical professionals are increasingly aware of and seeking ways to reduce. Used medical equipment can be a very cost-effective and practical solution for healthcare facilities looking to equip their clinics, hospitals, or rehabilitation centers. Online vendors and marketplaces have expanded purchasing opportunities to medical facilities by exposing them to a wide range of immediately available options. While, the internet offers the great convenience of selection, as well as saving valuable time and money, buyers must be wary when purchasing items sight-unseen over the internet.

There are a number of actions that hospitals and clinics can implement when buying used medical equipment online, to ensure that they make safe purchases â”EUR while still taking advantage of the convenience and simplicity that ecommerce offers:

1.Carefully review the details of the item that you are interested in purchasing. Make sure that it is compliant with your local legal and health regulations. If you feel that the seller’s description of item is too vague or you require additional information regarding the device, be sure to ask the seller these questions. Pictures help you get a more accurate understanding of the actual condition that the item is in. If you are using an online marketplace, make sure to review the seller’s rating on the site – typically a seller’s rating is reasonable indication of their reputation.

2.Before closing a deal- particularly an expensive item, request for it to be inspected by a certified inspector. There are a variety of inspections that can be conducted according to what type of device it is. Make sure to ask the inspector for a detailed report of the item’s condition and functionality. If something seems defective or not in the condition you require, refrain from purchasing it. Some websites offer inspection services which can be directly ordered through the site, in order to save facilities time in finding an authorized inspector.

3.Once you have decided that the device that you are looking to buy is in acceptable condition, you can go ahead into the ordering stage. Before proceeding with the purchase, make sure that the website has a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect any personal, credit card, bank information, or any other sensitive information you provide online. Additionally, the website should work with a recognized ecommerce payment management company to reduce the risk of fraud.

4.If you would further like to secure your purchase with the seller, consider using an Escrow company to transfer the funds to the seller – Escrow companies reduce the associated risks for buyers and sellers, by providing a transaction mediation service performed by a licensed third-party company.

We encourage our members to make educated transactions by offering both buyers and sellers the right tools to conduct research prior to closing a deal. Buyers have access to professionally written Buying Tips for each specific device, and the Original Manufacturer Specifications for each specific model. Sellers have access to buyer’s Wanted Item requests and to a variety of traffic and market reports that assess their performance on the site, providing valuable market insight, trends, and activities relevant to making safe transactions as fail-safe as possible.


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