What Makes An Organic Cotton Mattress Be The Best For Your Baby?

Organic cotton mattresses are the new craze right now and they should be. They are made from 100% organic cotton and are more comfortable and a lot safer as compared to the bedding made from synthetic materials or synthetic blends. tudjononrolavilag Natural bedding prevents SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, resists bacteria and is hypoallergenic which reduces the likelihood of you baby getting sick.

To understand why organic cotton mattresses are better for your baby, turizmuskartya first you need to understand what synthetic or synthetic blend mattresses are made of. Your normal synthetic mattress, if it is an inner spring, would contain up to about 80 cheap coils which would be rubbed off with toxic oils. The batting & filling is filled with chemicals to make it flame retardant to meet the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If your mattress is latex, fa-ipar there will be a layer of hard foam which will be filled with chemicals. The mattress is covered by a vinyl like material to save it from diaper leaks or baby spits. jatek-varazs

Organic cotton mattresses became popular only after the harmful properties of the synthetic mattresses were discovered kiegeszit-o a few years back when it was discovered that the chemicals in the mattress are the main cause for SIDS. It is known that babies sleep best on their stomachs because that way they don’t choke if they spit up. But it was soon seen that there was an increase in SIDS cases. So the trend to make babies sleep while they were lying on their backs took the stage. The reason is that when babies lie on their stomachs, they directly breathe in the harmful chemicals in the vinyl covered mattresses. The vinyl also causes a decrease in air flow. Antimony, nyilas-zarora which is a flame retardant, has been found in SIDS victims, which means that Antimony and most probably other harmful chemicals can easily get through the vinyl covering and harm your baby.

This is why organic cotton mattresses have become so popular. They are made from 100% all-natural cotton. In the latex versions, ruha-lak the rubber used is 100% natural and is collected from rubber trees by tapping them. In the inner spring version, the coils are rubbed down with Tung oil & beeswax. The batting and filling of these mattresses contains not only 100% pure cotton, but also organically processed wool. This wool is itself flame retardant, so there is no need to use chemicals and it not only meets but exceeds the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Organic cotton mattresses are the best choice you can make for your baby. They are safe and breathable. The absence of harmful chemicals makes them the best choice for your baby; this makes the organic cotton mattress non-allergic. Organic cotton mattresses is the best thing for your baby.

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