Why Should You Build Your Own Business Website For Marketing Your Business?

If you’re concerned with the high costs of website development and management fees, you might want to consider to do it yourself and build your own business website. Your web presence is the single most important arm of your marketing in today’s internet driven world. Not only will building your own site save you a lot of money, it also eliminates the frustration of working with an outsourced web master from an expensive web development company. Not to mention the important factor that it gives you total control. Best vape shops in USA


the loss of autonomy over their website is the single most complaint I here from small business owners constantly. The frustration over how long it takes to make one small change to their website and the high cost of maintenance fees that are somehow unexplainable. It has you thinking you could have made the small changes in seconds or have your admin staff do the task for you within less time and for less cost per hour.

Small business owners continue to face uncertain and rough economic times. to build your own business website and maintain it on a scalable platform in-house is well worth considering. Administration can be done by an administrator or personal assistant for a fraction of web developers fees.

There will be those small business owners or sole traders scared off by the thought of having to learn HTML or web development software as well as being taking away from your core business activities. Out sourced webmasters certainly profit form the mystique that surrounds website development. With the share choice you have today with professional website builders, open source templates or inexpensive custom made templates you can build your own business website for under $150 plus your time or your administrators time. Buy OL-Tramadol online

The other complaint I heare from small business owners is the total loss of control over your web presence and the cost of redevelopment when your webmaster, developer or company goes bust, walkabout or cave dwelling. Familiar to many a small business owner who has outsourced their web presence is, “do you know what the password is to get into our site” or “where can I find the DNS records to change the domain name to a new host”. I you can’t find the answer to these questions you are in for a redevelopment of your website or a stale out of date one remains that detracts from your marketing efforts.

This is the main reason, as a small business owner with this very experience, savvybuyerhub that I now use a staff member to build business websites for me at a quarter of the cost of a web developer. in some cases i might even build my own site myself. I’ve developed a training series that is automated so that if the staff member changes, there’s no loss to me in training new staff. i simply plug them into my system and away they go. Now all my web development and web marketing is done in house, under my control which has reduced my total cost of ownership of my web presence. Take back control and seriously consider to build your own business website┬áin-house.


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